In the Stillness

There’s no shouting,

Drumming, dancing

In the stillness.

There’s no waving high

Or crying out, “Amen!

As we kneel, immersed

In silent Adoration

Of the One who forms and shapes

The hearts of men

In the stillness.

Here, you won’t find people “movin’ in the spirit”;

We just haven’t got the energy to spare.

Everything we have is pouring out in silence

As we turn to meet our God and King in prayer

In the stillness.

My grandma said

these waters run the deepest,

And now, I’ve seen enough

To know it’s true

We sense the slightest movements,

Gentle breezes;

It’s not a storm—

It’s daybreak, evening dew

In the places where He longs

For hearts to join Him,

In the places where He waits

For us to meet,

In the places where we silently

Adore Him,

Hardly moving, for His presence is so sweet

In the quiet,

In the hush,

In the silence,

In the deep,

In the holiness that wakes

The human soul from soundest sleep,

In the calm

And in the dark,

In the tranquil, resting heart

In the stillness.

Copyright  2017, Lori Ann Watson

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