I Have A Million Roses


I have a million roses.

It’s true, in a way.

Because, every day, I am given a million moments.

And each moment is a gift—beautiful, precious, and unrepeatable—

A rose.


If I’m faithful to grace, I can turn each one into an Ave,

Or a kind deed,

Or a prayer in Christ’s presence for someone who can’t be there,

Or a home that’s more strengthening for others,

Or encouragement for a friend.

In each moment, I can do something to help God,

and in that way give Him back, in thanksgiving, the precious rose He chose for me.


But I don’t have to.

If I want, I can give my roses to

my fears and worries,

the Internet,

my hair and makeup, clothes and shoes,

chatter about others’ lives,

or my need for those same others’ approval.

But none of those roses can ever really be anyone’s to keep.


And the best days in all my life have been the ones in which

I’ve done my best to give all the roses God has given me

right back to Him, without holding onto anything for myself.


So, for today, I’ll do my best

to offer Our Lady all her Aves,

to do every little kindness,

to spend time in Christ’s real presence,

to make my home the very best I can,

and speak blessing and encouragement with every word.


I’ll give my roses right back to God, each and every one,

to thank Him

for giving them to me.


You and I–every one of us, in every day we’re given–

we each have a million roses.

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