In His Presence

I step inside and kneel—

The Monstrance before me,

The outside world behind—

And gradually my Fortress builds around me.

Brick by brick, stone by stone, it rises,

As deceptions, hardships, regrets, and worry

All begin to lose their power.


An hour passes, and I find that now

The walls are solid and high.


My focus and my center are Christ,

Who governs everything that passes on this earth.

Distractions and fears bounce off like so many arrows.


The second hour, and now

There are turrets at the corners.


My strength and my security are Christ,

Who pours out every rich treasure on those who seek Him.

He speaks peace to my heart, and at His word,

I’m no longer afraid of anything outside the walls.


The bells ring—three hours, and all the grace in them,

And now I find that

all that matters

Is safely sheltered within His Presence.


Copyright 2023

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